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Natural Child Portraits- Sisters

A few months ago now, in the midst of a busy wedding season, I took some time to meet up with an old school friend.  As well as catching up, there was the wonderful opportunity to photograph her 3 beautiful daughters, Talei ( and her twin siblings Lilibet and Litiana (  They are no strangers to the camera, being little models and actresses but we found it was definitely necessary to have some playtime in the local river, before starting our planned shoot in the fields near by!  I managed to capture a few lovely images pre-shoot, so there’s a little bit of a mixture but I felt I just had to include some of them as it was so lovely to see them playing in the water, whilst the sunshine beamed down on us…..

I try to keep portraits as natural as possible, especially when it comes to children.  Hopefully making beautiful imagery with these but also documenting the spirit within and some of that childhood fun we all love to see!  I am very in love with these photographs and these little girls!!!!!


All girls together... Mummy and me. The light of life. Down by the river. This is magic.... River walking... The warmth of light. Learning by the river. Trees and sunshine! Field of dreams... This place is magic... Natural connections. More exploring to be done. Picture perfect. True love. Having fun! Oops, sister love. Dreams and wishes.. Fun in the fields.. Little Princess... Beauty... Field fun & attitude :) Exploring! Happy walking! Wild and free! Playing in nature. Portrait of sisters. Oh the beauty of nature. Love, nature & smiles. Natural Beauty... Little startlet. Sisters!!! So lovely... Oh those summer days. Just beautiful... Cutie pie! Beautiful Talei in the fields of Farningham

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