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A Little Bit Deeper…

I’ve realised lately what my wedding and portrait photography is all about…….

I go along making pretty pictures, documenting the most amazing times in peoples lives…… yet because there are so many elements to achieving this, I kind of just get carried along with it all.
Creating without analysing, what it is that makes my work MINE. It just sort of happens.
Obviously I plan, I research, I am constantly learning and oh how I worry about not being good enough, not being as good as I want to be. Sometimes it all gets so hectic I just don’t have much of a chance to reflect but I’ve realised something, about my work and why it is the way it is.
I see stunning photographs all of the time from other photographers and its common in this business to compare ourselves to others(we all do this). But I try not to as much as possible, as we are all individuals and this is reflected in what we do.

My main realisation, is that no matter how many ‘epic’, amazingly lit, technically perfect, glossy magazine styled photographs I see – I don’t just want to create images like that.
I couldn’t understand why, who wouldn’t want to create stunningly perfect work like that all of the time???   Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to get these images sometimes, just not all of the time.

It’s about ‘feeling’. I don’t ‘feel’ anything when I see photos like that. So that’s it!

The things I photograph aren’t about what I want to create, it’s about using my technical abilities and creative eye to create something meaningful for someone else.

Maybe its because I’m such an emotional person, I don’t know? I want to make an image that shows me something about what it’s made of. It should have a feeling about the people in it, or the location or event.

All my favourite photos do this for me, its not about perfection, its about life, moments, feelings, reality, memories!!!!

♥ THIS is why my work is the way it is and why I love doing what I do ♥