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A Cooling Castle Wedding

Another summer wedding to look back on, as the excitement builds for the gorgeous weddings this summer has in store!

This wedding was a little different for me as I was called in last minute, so turned up on the day for a Cooling Castle wedding, without the usual preparation of visiting the venue previously.  The biggest difference, was that I’d had no time to meet the bride and groom and build the relationship and friendship that usually occurs. I needn’t have worried though, the whole family was welcoming and the bride and groom, Roz and Tom were great, so everything ran smoothly and to plan.

As my first visit to Cooling Castle Barn I wasn’t completely sure what to expect(except what Google had given me).  I was pleasantly surprised at how quaint this little venue was, really secluded and had a very intimate feel.  We were lucky enough to have blue skies and the sun shining, it couldn’t have felt more summery…..  Because it was such a beautiful day, it meant we could be privileged to an outdoor wedding, just gorgeous!

Family was the focus of the day here and as the children played on the lawn, the grown ups, young and old(er) enjoyed each others company with a few drinks and much laughter.  It was such a relaxed experience and a complete pleasure to part of Roz and Tom’s day…

I look forward to more weddings, where family is key, natural and relaxed is the feeling and it’s all about the personal touches. x

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