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I Love What I Do, I Love Photography and I Love to Learn…

I attended an amazing little Day Dusk Dark photography workshop on Friday and couldn’t resist posting up a few shots…..

Being a photographer means you constantly have to learn.  Learn new techniques and update your skills, learn about new and progressive software and equipment and of course, learn how to make your business and your art work in the best way possible for yourself and your clients.  This doesn’t mean it can’t be fun at the same time!

Often us photographers work on our own, being self employed and working from home, so its always great to get out and meet new photographers and anyone else in our business.  A workshop seems a good way to do it and this was my first of many I hope.  Not only did I learn new technical skills but I got to hang out and network with some fab and inspiring people.

We all met in the morning at Tooting Tram & Social , which is an amazing building, very unusual and adapted to out needs all day.  The workshop started with lectures from Shelley, Jenny and Jamie who were running the show.  This was very insightful into how other people work not just with wedding and portraits but within different areas of the photography business.  The day continued with more technical lessons, great food and of course a quick photoshoot with amazing models!  Finished off with a few drinks and a general chat about the day.

I’ve included here a few of my favourite and random shots from the day….and can’t wait for the next one!

Many thanks to everyone involved ♥

HMUA – Just Jennifer
FLORIST – Boom Blooms
STATIONARY – Dimitria Jordan
DRESSES – Wilden London
CATERING – Sainlo Events
BAND – Defences
VENUE – Tooting Tram & Social

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