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When I’m not photographing weddings, I’m also taking portraits and recently took a few photographs of Leanne, some in the studio but most doing what I do best in a natural maternity photography shoot.

Even though this shoot was winter one, it was still so much fun and I think we managed to get the beauty of nature in all seasons, as well as the beauty of a woman in the season of pregnancy ♥

I really enjoy taking portraits, especially when it means I get to be outside and where i can really make the most of natural surroundings.  Not only do I find it incredibly calming but I think clients do too and its amazing for being really creative.

Pregnancy may seem like it lasts an age at the time but it really does fly by so quickly and having images to look back on, can remind you of such a magical time that can easily be lost in a busy life with children!  I wish I’d had beautiful maternity photos taken when I was pregnant, I have the memories but it would be nice to have the reality, right in front of my eyes… with all special events in our lives.


Beautiful heavily pregnant woman sitting on bed Three images of a lovely pregnant woman looking at her bump A Heavily Pregnant woman laying on a bed A beautiful pregnant woman looking out of the window Pregnant woman looking down at her bump Woman in the height of pregnancy looking thoughtful Baby Bump Woman looking happily at her baby bump Four images of a pregnant woman looking at her tummy Artistic Studio Nude of Pregnant Woman Pregnant woman in amongst the trees Pregnant woman having fun on her photo shoot in Kent Pregnant woman in Woodland Artistic Pregnanacy image of woman on a bridge Artistic portrait of pregnant woman in Nature Pregnancy Portrait of woman in woodland Pregnant woman in green woodland surroundings Pregnancy portrait amongst the leaves

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