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The wedding of Dave & Gemma, a beautiful day with a lovely, fun couple…

Just one of the wonderful weddings I second shot for Dunton’s Photography in the summer this year.  It was lovely in many ways but mostly I remember how fun, friendly and relaxed Gemma and Dave were and the stunning location they had chosen for their reception.

Back when the weather was hot and the sun was shining…..the day started for me by meeting the boys for a few moments at the Hand & Sceptre pub(as expected 😉 ), just across the road from the church, where they were preparing themselves for the day ahead.

The bride was running a little late but the bridal party arrived first on a shiny red double decker bus, followed soon after by the bride in a beautiful Beauford classic car, ready to be married at St Peter’s Church, Southborough, Kent.

After the ceremony it was all smiles and off to the reception at The Himilayan Gardens, Sevenoaks. I couldn’t help but photograph the surroundings in general as they were so amazing, as were the views over Kent and the cows! haha  It was a truly beautiful summer garden wedding.

Speeches were hilarious yet emotional and with a few surprises, after which there was time to chill out and again take in those stunning views, before the dancing commenced!!!!

2014-11-26_0001 2014-11-26_0002 From the pub to the church St Peter 2014-11-26_0005 2014-11-26_0006 2014-11-26_0007 2014-11-26_0008 2014-11-26_0009 2014-11-26_0010 2014-11-26_0011 The ceremony at St Peter We did it! 2014-11-26_0014 2014-11-26_0015 2014-11-26_0016 2014-11-26_0017 2014-11-26_0018 2014-11-26_0019 2014-11-26_0020 2014-11-26_0021 2014-11-26_0022 2014-11-26_0023 2014-11-26_0024 A summer wedding reception at The Himalayan Gardens, Sevenoaks 2014-11-26_0026 2014-11-26_0027 2014-11-26_0028 2014-11-26_0029 2014-11-26_0030 2014-11-26_0031 2014-11-26_0032 2014-11-26_0033 2014-11-26_0034 2014-11-26_0035 2014-11-26_0036 2014-11-26_0037
2014-11-26_0039 2014-11-26_0040 2014-11-26_0041 2014-11-26_0042 2014-11-26_0043 2014-11-26_0044

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