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My Wedding Photography Bucket List!

A loved up couple sitting in Lavender, with bride being kissed.What’s a Wedding Photography Bucket List?

Some photographers I know have a wedding bucket list of all their photography dreams….so I thought, why not.

If any of the below situations, adventures, possibilities or plans apply to you, I’d love you to get in touch and discuss them with me in the hope that we could arrange between us for me to photograph them 😉

Firstly, I love to travel and travel photography(hence the Sony Award I guess!, so it would be great to get bookings anywhere in the world but these are a few places I’d really like to visit:

Anywhere in the Caribbean is always good

Also I adore Italy

New Zealand and Australia are on my do before I die list lol

Iceland is a photographers dream, that landscape is hard to beat!

Scotland!  Cant believe I’ve never been

Actually, anywhere new to explore and photograph happy people is on the list ♥

Secondly, as my style dictates, I’m into nature and always look forward to those enquiries that celebrate in the most natural and relaxed ways.  So if you’re having any of these types of weddings, send me message…

A whimsical Woodland wedding

A fun, full on Festival wedding

An arty Alternative wedding

An intimate, ethereal Elopement

Or just anything unusual that is full of your personalities and all about celebrating in the most relaxed way possible.  It could be a theme you love or a fascinating venue, I love new experiences, whether its work or not 🙂

Please get in touch if you think you’re planning anything I might want to add to my bucket list and we can discuss the details!